This year, Sycamore Class's topics have a piracy theme running throughout the year.  The main topic titles and link topics are shown below for each term, along with associated Science topics .
Autumn Term - Pirate Preparations:
Bounce  The basic needs of animals for survival.
Why should I exercise? The importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of food and hygiene.
How do germs spread?
Land Ahoy How can shapes of solid objects be changed?
Can you find the treasure?
Why do boats float?
Spring Term - On the Land and on the Sea
Street Detectives Animals have offspring that grow into adults. Living things live in habitats. 
Will it degrade? Different types of materials; alive, dead, or have never been alive.
Scented Garden What do plants need to grow and stay healthy? How do seeds grow into mature plants?
How does grass grow?
Can seeds grow anywhere?
Africa, Amazing Africa What is life like near the Equator? What is a tree worth?
Summer Term - Returning to Shore
Wriggle and Crawl How do different habitats meet the needs of different plants and animals?
Do insects have a favourite colour? Identify micro habitats.
What's on your wellies?
Where do snails live?
What is the lifecycle of the ladybird?
Beachcombers How do animals obtain their food from plants and animals?
Coastline Identifying and comparing everyday materials.
Beach Hut
Knowledge Organisers