We aim to give our children the freedom to think creatively and question the world around them. We wish them to grasp the concept that science is a means of improving our knowledge and understanding of the universe based on the collection of observation-based evidence.  We want them to acquire the knowledge and scientific skills set out by The National Curriculum growing in depth of knowledge across year groups.  We also aim for them to develop their awareness of contemporary scientific and environmental issues.



  • Teachers use Rosenshine’s principles of instruction and fluent recall
  • Tailored program for each class to ensure all knowledge and scientific skills with the National Curriculum are covered
  • Knowledge organisers accessible to each pupil for every topic that build on knowledge from previous years
  • Activities include open ended investigations giving opportunities for pupil input
  • Activities  include analysis of observations and verbal/written presentation of results
  • Working wall in classrooms display scientific enquiry skills
  • Links are made to Laudate Si, Forest School and environmental issues raised in assemblies
  • Children taught in mixed ability groups
  • End of topic assessment by teachers and students




  • Have the confidence and curiosity to question the world around them
  • Can make observations and create investigations to gain knowledge to describe how and why things happen the way they do 
  • Identify sources and their reliability
  • Can compare, analyse and display data
  • Are competent at using scientific equipment
  • Use maths and computing knowledge to interpret and present quantitative observations and results
  • Use English knowledge to present qualitative data analysis and conclusions  
  • Have the improved ability to collaborate.
Science Enrichment 
Science Club