Physical Education


Here at St. Catherine’s, PE lessons are fun and inclusive, making use of our school grounds and equipment. In order to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, our children learn both the techniques and tactics they need to enjoy and excel at a wide range of physical activities and sports.  Through PE, our children practise transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership as well as extending our vocabulary. By competing in a variety of sporting events, and creating our ‘Sports Ambassadors’, we relish opportunities to display our sporting cultural capital and enrich it; both in school and outside of it.



We aim to provide a PE curriculum that pupils from Reception to Year 5 not only enjoy but allows them to experience a wide range of physical activities and sports to help develop their fitness, wellbeing and health. We intend to offer a curriculum which is inspiring, high-quality and allows all pupils to succeed.  We also offer opportunities for pupils to access sports and activities which they may not have previously had access to, including Forest School. 



Children are taught by both teaching staff and a sports instructor. In order to provide a high-quality PE curriculum, we follow PE hub and Real PE schemes of learning. This ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to excel in a broad range of physical activities, are physically active for sustained periods of time  and engage in competitive sports and activities. Consequently, this helps children foster healthy and active lives. 


Real PE enables us to inspire all pupils to participate and succeed in physical, personal, social, cognitive and creative skills. This ensures everyone has a chance to improve their own personal physical ability. Real PE has a focus on the key skills of: agility, balance and coordination which progress and develop from Reception to Year 6 with challenges for each year group. Skills are repeated and developed as they go through each class. 


PE Hub guides children through competitive games in order to learn the skills and rules to be able to take part in competitive sport. 


Our curriculum is further enhanced by in school and out of school sporting events such as cross country, netball, futsal and football to name just a few. At lunchtimes, our Sports Ambassadors provide a variety of sporting activities at lunchtime for all to participate in and enjoy. 



At the end of each unit, children are expected to know, apply, demonstrate, and understand the skills, rules, tactics and processes specified. We use summative assessments to determine the children’s understanding and adapt as the units progress. We also use the PE wheels given by Real PE.