RE & Worship Policy

St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School

Religious Education Policy

Our Mission

At St Catherine’s our mission is to

‘Live, Love and Learn Together
Growing with God, in Knowledge and Faith.’

The family of St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School helps everyone to do their best, to work hard together in a place of love, warmth and safety, following the teachings of Jesus.
You will see us
  • Work hard to be the best we can be, celebrating and enjoying our achievements.
  • Love, value and respect each other as Jesus taught us.
  • Reach out to those who need us both near and far.
  • Say sorry with honesty and courage and learn to forgive each other.
  • Create a happy atmosphere, lasting friendships and wonderful memories.
  • Create an environment where we feel spiritually, emotionally and physically safe, and our thoughts and feelings are listened to.
As a school, we understand that the primary goal in religious education is to help pupils come to know and experience God through learning about and reflecting on the life of Jesus. It provides opportunities to reflect on fundamental questions of life and develop values and beliefs through exploration of the Gospel. Children and staff are encouraged to live out these beliefs and values in the daily life of our school.

Aims & Objectives:
The aims of Religious Education at St Catherine’s are:

  • To invite children to form a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • To support children to grow in their knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and life.
  • To provide children with opportunities for prayer and reflection.
  • To develop children’s ability to listen, to think critically, to question, to reflect and to make informed judgements.
  • To encourage children to see themselves as part of the wider parish and world community.
  • To encourage children to learn about and respect the beliefs and traditions of other major world faiths.
  • While Catholic in nature, the RE learning journey at St Catherine’s welcomes, respects and celebrates those from all faiths and none.
Gospel Values: 
At St. Catherine’s our Gospel Values are interwoven throughout RE and all curriculum subjects. The curriculum is planned and linked to RE teaching and looking after our Common Home, through the inclusion of Laudato Si’ topics. 
Children at St. Catherine’s are helped to understand and develop their potential so they are prepared to take their place in the World, knowing they too can make a difference to the World’s current challenges in age-appropriate ways.
RE at St Catherine’s is a core subject and is underpinned by our School Mission Statement. Since September 2020, the RE curriculum follows the Come and See programme over nine topics, all linked to the Church's Liturgical Year. 
In each topic, children are challenged through a variety of differentiated learning opportunities which follows a common structure. This informs the process of each topic opened up through: Explore, Reveal and Respond.
In addition, at St. Catherine's children learn about four other faiths: Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam.
Timetabled lessons (10% of the teaching time) are supported by liturgies, assemblies, prayer and worship (individual, class and whole school).
Prayer and Worship:
Prayer and worship is central to daily life at St Catherine’s. Morning, lunchtime and end of day prayer takes place in all classes across the school. After lunch each day, we have Christian meditation in class. There is a deep need in our world for stillness, simplicity and silence and we give our children an opportunity to have a special time to be still and silent with God.

Collective Worship happens as a whole school during Monday Liturgies and is led by the Head teacher with support from the GIFT Team - Growing In Faith Together. They will usually be based around the key theme of the Gospel of the previous Sunday (ie listening, forgiveness, love, compassion etc).
The children will be asked to actively make these values central to whatever they are doing during the coming week and they will re-visit this Christian theme during Thursday morning mini-liturgies in class.
At the Celebration Assembly on Friday, children are celebrated for demonstrating our Gospel Values.   
There are also twice yearly special class liturgies to which parents are invited.

Mass takes place half-termly alternating between church and school. Each Key Stage 2 class takes it in turn to be responsible for the Mass. Parents, parishioners and extended family are warmly invited to attend.

Prayer & Worship Timetable: 
At St. Catherine's we follow the Ten:Ten Collective Worship Programme which is in step with the liturgies of the Church and the Church's Liturgical Calendar.
Monday       - Liturgy and celebration of our Values 
Tuesday      - Whole School Liturgy/ Worship
Wednesday  - Whole School Liturgy/ Worship
Thursday     - Whole School Liturgy/ Worship
Friday         - Celebration Assembly 
Class Liturgies: 
Father Keith visits each class to lead prayer, termly.
Stations of the Cross 
The children from our Chaplaincy GIFT Team lead the Stations of the Cross during Lent and explain each Station and say a prayer.  The whole school prays the Stations of the Cross with the GIFT Team children as they move silently between them reflecting on Christ's journey.
May Procession
The children from all years process, carry flowers to honour our Blessed Mother, Mary, praying the prayers of the Rosary and singing hymns of praise.