Site News

This half term Sycamore Class have been enjoying Forest School in our NEW forest
School site it has been wonderful to be using the improved area!
We have had lots of fun and learning. We have explored objects that sink and float and
why it happens, looked at density and we the created our own raft in groups, they ALL
floated even with our Lego people on board! We looked at the different colours and
shapes in nature then we created mazes using sticks. The whole class learned how to tie
a timber hitch knot to the build shelters and Dens – this was a favorite with all the
children. The pupils even learned and practiced some vital first aid skills, we applied
bandages, slings and talked about how to call in an emergency.
The class had a very competitive scavenger hunt where we looked for the signs of
autumn around our school field. We also made hedgehogs from clay which the children
got to take home!
In our final session for this half term we will be toasting crumpets over the fire, the
pupils will practice getting a spark using a fire striker and learn some fire safety. The
children always have some free exploring time at the end of each session. The mud
kitchen and digging area are a favorite! So just remember to send them in old clothes
that can get MUDDY. 

Mrs G

Primary Forest School. 

We are so excited to start our Eco After School Club from Friday 11th March 2022.
We will let you know what we get up to (and how muddy we are!!!!) late in the month.