Week 3

Summer Term Week 1

Hello Year 5  

Welcome to the summer term! Hope you all had a great Easter holiday and enjoyed the sunshine and chocolate. We did lots of egg finding, hiding, finding and hiding again! I managed to finish a couple of books and investigated the world of Tic Toc.  I’m not brave enough to do one but maybe some of the dances might make interesting warm ups for P.E. What do you think? 

I haven’t given specific days to do school work on the plan this time but would like you to try and aim to do a couple of tasks a day.  If you get stuck and need some help or would like some extension work please email me gdickson@stcatherinesbridport.dorset.sch.uk.  Also let me know if you would like anything printed out and I’ll arrange to get that to you.

Also if you would like to send me pictures or documents of what you have done that would be great. It would be nice to put some of your work or have a gallery of your portraits on our class page. 

Missing you all.  Take care of yourselves. 

Mrs Dickson x 

P.S. If you have a little brother or sister in Year 3 please say hello from me and I’m thinking about them too.