We want children to really enjoy and be inspired by their musical experiences at St Catherine’s through listening, responding and participation activities.



St Catherine's follows the Charanga Musical Scheme, which is widely used and offers a vast range of resources, songs and instrumental courses.

Each Unit of Work comprises the strands of musical learning which correspond with the National Curriculum for Music:


  1.      Listening and appraising:

             -  Appreciation, evaluation, opinion and discussion

             -  Style indicators

             -  Instrument indicators

             -  Musical history


2.    Musical activities:

        -  Games embed the Interrelated Dimensions of Music through repetition

        -  Singing is at the heart of all the musical learning

        -  Playing instruments with the song to be learnt - a sound before symbol approach is used but 

           scores are provided as an understanding on notation is introduced to the children

        -  Improvising with the song using voices and instruments

        -  Composing with the song using instruments


  1.      Perform/Share:

              - Share what has taken place during the lesson and work towards performing to an audience.


Children at St Catherine’s also take part in in Collective Worship. During this time, children from all classes come together to sing religious and seasonal songs. Other seasonal musical activities take place throughout the year, such as, the Nativity in Key Stage One and a Carol Service and Production in Key Stage Two.



Through the musical activities provided and encouraged, children at St Catherine’s are given the opportunity to understand the language of music more fully and participate in making music. Fostering children’s love of music and developing their talents as musicians, increases their confidence, creativity and feelings of achievement.