Week 1 & 2 - Spring term

Welcome to the Year 1 Home Learning Hub
Hello Year 1!
I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine! Its been a funny week for all of us. It has been so strange not seeing you all, but I am sure you are working hard and being good for your grown ups. I have been enjoying spending time with my little family. We have been in the garden playing in the sandpit, painting fences, reading stories and having lots of picnics! 
I hope you have been enjoying some of the learning activities. I have heard from a few of you which has been so lovely. I have put some additional activities for next week (week 2) on the website but if you have not completed all of the activities for this week please do carry on with them. 
I would love to hear from you and what you have been getting up to. My email is at the bottom so if you would like to contact me and write me a little message please do - it would be wonderful to hear how you are all doing.
Take care, be safe and have fun.
Mrs Treble
P.S Fred say h-e-ll-o!
27. 03. 20 - VIDEO CLASSROOM
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