Virtual Pentathlon

Well done to the Year 3 children that took part in the Virtual Pentathlon!
Xanthe, Louie and Daisy all took part at home whilst Erica, Harrison and Riley all had a go in school.
Xanthe said her favourite was the shuttle run! Xanthe's scores - Speed Bounce: 24, Vertical Jump: 16cm, Sock Target Throw: 8 points, Shuttle Run: 48.72 seconds, Standing Long Jump: 118cm
Louie's scores - Shuttle run: 42.42 sec, Standing long jump: 1.5 m, Speed bounce: 23, Throw: 20, Vertical jump: 23cm
Daisy's Scores - Shuttle runs: 52.96, Standing jump: Daisy 119cm, Vertical jump: 27cm, Speed bounce: 27, Throwing targets: 8/24
Riley, Harrison and Erica's scores to be added shortly.