Day 6

Dear all, It has been a while since I added anything to my blog and I am sorry for that.  Things have been a bit tricky but its getting better.  I hope you are all ok, what I need is to see you you all, thinking about seeing you all back in school cheers me up and I'm sure it will happen soon.  Coming back to school may be a bit different than before for a while, no one really knows what schools will have to do but once we know we make sure we are ready to make it work.  It is hard to be patient- but we all have to be and when we come back to school we will all have new rules to follow and being patient with each other will help while we get used to whatever those new rules are.  After all we all got used to rules about staying in and only going out if we absolutely needed to. So new school rules will be a piece of cake for St Catherine's..
So.... would you like to hear about an exciting project??? Well... we are living through history right now.  This situation Lockdown, closing schools, staying indoors has never ever happened before.  We should make a record of what has happened, what we did and how we felt about it.  I have been keeping a journal, I want to be able to sit back and read what I thought and felt.  Somebody else has had the same idea and called it The Bridport Lockdown Project.  As a school I think we should add things to this project and you and your family might like to add things too.  I want you to think about what this time has been like for you- your ideas.  Could you draw or paint, could you write a poem?  Is there a photo that has a special meaning to you from this time?  Can you write about something special that has happened during Lockdown- something unforgettable?  I think this is too good an opportunity to miss. Be Creative... and you can your photos to
Things I have learnt in Lockdown....
  1. I am not a hairdresser and should not be allowed to ever attempt to cut hair.  (Ask Jack!)
  2. There are only so many times I can clean my house before even I get bored.
  3. Trying to teach children at home is NOT fun.  I would rather have a class of 30.
  4. I love being outside and miss the sound of the sea.
  5. I miss my friends, talking on the phone or sending a message is not the same and not enough.
  6. I like hugging. ALOT!!  
  7. I love music and dancing in my living room because I can't dance anywhere else!
  8. I drink a lot of coffee in coffee shops with friends.
  9. I like reading, drawing, gardening and walking but I like being at school more.
  10. I love all my family VERY much but sometimes you just need a quiet room with a locked door....
Ideas for the Bridport Lock down Project....
  • Write a special memory.
  • Draw a special place you miss.
  • Rainbows- can you make a rainbow or message for keyworkers?
  • Write about the clapping on a Thursday can you do it as a poem?
  • Can you draw or take a photo of the view from your window?
  • What about "Our dinner table" as an idea for being creative?
  • As we are all staying in what about doorstep photos?
  • What about your home learning?  Have you become a Lego master in lockdown? 
And...... remember Mums and Dads what about your Lockdown Bridport experience?  make a contribution too.