Day 1

Day One.
Well, the assesmbly on Friday was one of the happiest and saddest assemblies I have ever done.  It was joyful to see everyone singing and joining in with lots of silly songs- I hope you  have taught Mums and Dads "Alive Alert Enthusiastic"... I bet they are not as good as you children.  I want you all to know that becoming your Headteacher has been one of my proudest moments.  You are all absolutely amazing children and it was very hard for the teachers and I to watch you all leave that Friday afternoon.  
So we have been back in school with the children of key workers and that is very strange let me tell you!  The school seems very big and empty without you all.  The sun was glorious so I hope you have all spent lots of time outside in the garden if you can- we did at school and at home I will be working in my garden and allotment.  I wonder if you can grow something while you are at home?  
The teachers are all taking  it in turns to come into school while we are needed to, everyone has to do their little bit and your bit is to stay home, work on your learning jobs and have fun with your family.  In my house we are having a "keepy ups" challenge... I'm not winning in case there was any doubt about that!!  I'm also planning a Scavenger Hunt or possibly Hide and Seek...  I'm going to hide with my book and hope no one finds me!!!
So my favourite thing is to put my nose into a book and READ!! One of the best things I find to do when I'm a bit worried is to go back and re-read a favourite book.  I am starting with Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone.  What book are you reading or re-reading?  Drop me an email and tell me about it... 
I'm sat in my garden shed looking at the sunshine thinking that Harry Potter is calling.... remember what Dr Seuss says "You can find MAGIC wherever you LOOK.  Sit back and RELAX all you need is a BOOK"
Email me your book ideas- What should I read next?  See you tomorrow...