6. Week Commencing 11th May 2020

Maths - I See Reasoning
Please read the introduction first.
Please see previous weeks for Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Fractions and Money. 
This week the topic is Multiplication and Division . As before, you can choose your own level to challenge yourself; bronze, silver or gold which is the most challenging.
Please try and use your Maths notebook to write the answers in, if you say which challenge you are answering and the page number then there is not a need to print the sheets if you prefer not to.
Science - How to eat a healthy and balanced diet
Look through the slides to learn what types of food make up a balanced, healthy meal.
Next please complete the following tasks using the sheets provided or you can redraw in your work book if you prefer:
a) Decide which foods you would choose for a healthy meal?
b) Draw a healthy meal on the plate and label foods you have chosen.
c) Plan a day's meals, each meal should be good for you. Will you choose healthy snacks?
d) Can you make a face using fruit and vegetables?
There are examples of a balanced meal, the food pyramid and some images of a fruit/vegetable face.
English - Bounce
This week I would like you to write your a fitness programme for an adult.
  • What activities would you recommend that they carry out?
  • What equipment do they need?
  • Where will they do the session, indoors or outside?
  • What clothing do they need? Any special footwear?
  • How regularly should they carry out each session?
  • How long would each session last?
  • What benefits will they gain from carrying out your fitness programme?
I would like you to use create an information leaflet with these details in please, include pictures/diagrams and label them appropriately to support your ideas. Hint: Use headings for each section too please.
Can you give your fitness programme a title? You could make this your front page.
Good luck, I look forward to seeing them and maybe you can convince me to try your programme out myself.
Reading - Healthy Living Comprehensions
This week there are 4 quick reading comprehensions along with the answers for you to check.
a) A postcard from Mo Farah
b) A recipe for a healthy fruit salad
c) Advice from a dentist
d) Doctor's orders.
There is also advice for parents which tells you which types of questions are asked in each sheet; vocabulary, retrieval, sequencing, inference or predicting.