People & Places

People and Places is a social enterprise which promotes responsible, ethical volunteering in 12 countries around the world (Nepal, India, South Africa, Gambia among others). It was founded in 2005 and was the winner of the World Responsible Tourism Award in 2013.

St Catherine’s began its association with People & Places in February 2017 when Dianne Ashman (a Bridport-based volunteer) came to talk to the children before her trip to Nepal. From Nepal, Dianne sent us regular emails telling the children about her work there. The children learned about the damage caused by a recent earthquake and the efforts undertaken to re-build classrooms and houses. Year 3 were inspired to do an in-depth study of Nepal in the summer term.

In February this year (2018) Dianne visited us again to tell us about her work with a primary school in Swaziland. The children were very interested in seeing what school life is like for children in this part of the world and what games they play during their break-time.

During our project week in May, Key Stage 2 classes will be doing in-depth studies of India, Nepal, Gambia and South Africa. Dianne will talk to individual classes in more detail about the country they are learning about. Children will gather as much information as they can on the culture, religion, politics, language, geography, economy and climate as well as education system of their focus country. St Catherine’s is proud of its developing relationship with this charity which helps foster our children’s awareness global diversity as they learn about other countries, cultures and religions.

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