Year 3

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Welcome to Year 3
In Year 3 we have two teachers: Miss Thomas teaches on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Mrs Lewendon  teaches on Thursdays and Fridays.

Miss Thomas really enjoys teaching about exciting periods in early civilizations and about the make-up of the earth and how this causes the birth of mountains and volcanoes. Mrs Lewendon loves music and can fit this into almost any subject area! We both love books and reading and finding out about our world.
Our teaching assistant is the amazing Mrs Tschuchno.

We are a friendly team and enjoy working with our students to help them become confident and independent learners.

Our class catchphrase is “Learn and Enjoy Every Day”
Home Learning
Dear children and parents,

In terms of home learning, there are so many options and you choose the one which suits you and your child the best. In the ‘Home Learning’ section of our site, there are 2 options I have researched and chosen, but you may well have your own preference and that is absolutely fine.

What we can all achieve really well during this time at home, is revision of the key elements of English and Maths so that those DON’T GET FORGOTTEN, and then encourage children to use the time to delve into areas and topics that they are interested in and build on their talents.

It’s important to keep in the habit of doing a little bit of learning each day, so that life can return to normal much more easily once schools re-open, but other than that, parents – you do it your way.
So, OPTION 1 – If you like (and are able to print) to work from a booklet and write things down on paper then you will find in today’s section of our page three printable packs from the amazing Mathematics Mastery website. Despite the name, there is also a great English pack!

This option will possibly need a bit more parent/peer support as there are some really great discussion questions to go through, and we all know that it’s the talking about concepts and using language that makes us really skilled.

OPTION 2 – If you prefer to do your work on a computer, this is the one for you! Parents need to register (for free) on the We use the resources from this a lot in school so it will be familiar to the children. With this option you get a timetable for each day and suggested activities. It really is fab. For maths today for instance (20.04.20) there is a video tutorial on place value numbers to 1000, followed by an interactive game, followed by a worksheet you can print off, or complete and save onto your computer.

Once the adults have this all set up for you, this option will be able to be completed a little bit more independently by our computer savvy children!

These are my 2 suggestions. I am trying to keep in simple as there are so many resources out there it is difficult not to feel inundated.
All this, plus extra daily challenges, children's work and more is now over on our new 'Home Learning' tab

Parents/children, please make sure you email me with any questions or worries about the learning. I just want to reassure you that you are all doing brilliantly – there is no measure of what we are doing at the moment, it is unique and unchartered and as long as we are having a go and staying happy and healthy, we ARE doing brilliantly.

Miss Thomas and Mrs Lewednon

Monday 30th March
Friday 27th March
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