Year 2

Welcome to Year 2
Hello, I am Mrs Harris.  In Year 2, we support each other to be the very best that we can be through living our Gospel Values. Children are encouraged to do their best and challenge themselves by having a growth mindset and discuss their ideas as a team.

In RE we have been learning about Lent in preparation for Easter and specifically understanding how we can use this time to choose to do good for others.
Our current topic, Street Detectives is cross-curriculum based and links to English. We have started to investigate where Bridport is located in the World, the local area and understand how to draw a map of our school using a key. Our literacy texts are Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne and Belonging by Jeannie Baker. We finish the topic by looking at poems about baking.
In Science, our topic is Animals, including humans. 

What can I  do while I am away from school?
  • Enjoy family time.
  • Use your talents: whether you are making people laugh, being kind or helping around the house or garden.
  • Make up some of your own games to play and teach them to someone else.
  • Develop your scientific, artistic or investigative skills. 
  • Keep fit.
  • Write your teacher a letter, I'm sure they would love to hear how you are getting on.
You will find some more ideas in these files:
  • Home learning grid with ideas for you to select from for; Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • Letters with links to interesting websites and explanations about interesting activities.
  • The homelearning section 
  • Spellings and wordbanks to help you with your writing activities.
On the Year 1 page, Mrs Treble has created some excellent films to help with reading and how to pronounce phonemes. Please have a look at these to refresh your memory.
Keep an eye on the website for new ideas.
Prior to March 2020
Home Learning
Week Commencing 30th March 2020
RE - Palm Sunday
Sunday 5th April 2020
Maths - I See Reasoning
Please read the introduction first.
We start with a revision of Number and Place Value.
English - Street Detectives  
Writing and Performing Poetry about Baking
You will find a plan for 5 different days' activities along with the resources to help you.
Can you make up some rhyming couplets?
Learn how bread is made:
Year 2 are Street Detectives this term and although we are staying at home, we can still find out about where we live and use our imagination to design a school and a town that we would like to live in.
Science - How do animals have babies?
Do you know about the different ways animals have babies?
Have a go at completing one of the sheets for this topic. There is an information sheet and some animal fact cards to help you.
Can you create a poster to show which animals lay eggs and which give birth to their young?
Times Tables Rockstars
Useful Guides and Wordbanks