Week 7

19.5.20 - Video Update!
Please see below for Mrs Blake's video to show you how to play the game 'Hide the Thimble' and also story time - 'The Something'
Dear All,

We hope you and yours are all keeping safe and well. On this note, if there is anything that you would like us to know about (if anyone in the family has become ill etc) please get in touch. We may be able to provide you with some support from the services that are open to us.

Learning for next week has been uploaded to Tapestry. We are still reviewing sounds and this week the focus is on some of the sounds the children got slightly muddled with on the last assessment - those that look similar like b, d, p and sh, th. The words they are being asked to write and the captions are slightly trickier in that they have some of the other special friends in. If they find these too hard, please feel free to chose other words with the same letter sound in.
For maths, we are thinking about the concept of weight and using the vocabulary; heavy, light, lighter, heavier. There is also another PowerPoint to help introduce this, if you would like to use it.
The final attachment is a step by step plan for how to make a cardboard bike chain - a really fun task for anyone who is interested in how things work, engineering and design!

Take care,

Mrs Middleton, Mrs Blake and Mrs Thomas