Week 6

Hello and onto week 4 of the summer term :)
Sometimes teachers get asked why we have to learn maths and we usually say you might need it one day.  Well today I actually used maths in real life! I needed to know how to measure.  There was a little accident and a pane of glass from the greenhouse got smashed...oops.  
So this week we are looking at perimeters and riddles.
Also well done Rosy for completing the reading challenge and sending in an amazing picture of reading and jumping on the trampoline at the same time.  Can anyone beat this?
Once again there are no specific days to do school work on the plan but try and aim to do a couple of tasks a day.   If you get stuck and need some help or would like some extension work please email me gdickson@stcatherinesbridport.dorset.sch.uk.  Also let me know if you would like anything printed out and I’ll arrange to get that to you. 
Mrs Dickson x