Week 5 Extras

***We are now set up on Times Tables Rock Stars***
I have already emailed some of you your log-in details. If you send me a very quick email, I can reply back with your username and password. 
Hello Year 3
I hope all had great weekends. I went camping!! In my back garden. We camped out on Friday and Saturday night. On Friday night all was quiet, just the owls hooting and a gentle wind blowing, but on Saturday night it POURED with rain. It felt like it was really lashing down on our little tent but it stayed warm and dry inside - so all in all it was quite exciting, but I can't say I got much sleep! 
So I have been busy emailing out your Times Tables Rock Stars log-in details. Please email me if you haven't received yours yet. 
I also want you to have a look at my challenge for the week. I'd really love to see some of your creative writing - and I found an AWESOME picture to help you write a story. Have a look at the slideshow I've put together, it's called THE INVASION and I hope it inspires you to write a really dramatic and exciting story. 
You could type your story, or write it straight into your Home Learning Book. Send me a picture and I'll post it up. You don't have to write it all at once. Just do a little bit each day. 
Hopefully, you're continuing to do daily practice of your key maths and English skills using Classroom Secrets or the printable booklets. And of course, lots and lots of reading :-) 
As always, if you have any questions or if you just want to say hi, please send me an email. 
Miss T 
Tuesday 5th May
Good morning Year 3!
Big shout out this morning to Jacob, Liam, Olly, George R, George M and Gracie who are working their way up the TTRS leader board already. 
And thank you to Daisy who has sent in her 'Under the Sea' artwork. Each week her family have a competition. One of the family members set the theme and gets to judge the competition and everyone joins in. What a great idea. Have a look on our 'Your Work!' pages to see Daisy's fabulous creation. 
I hope some of you might be having a go at The Invasion story writing task. I've got Evan doing it too. He's done 2 paragraphs so far. 
I'll be loading on another chapter of our story today, so check in a bit later. 
Bye for now. 
Miss T :-)