Week 5

*New Video and Photos* - Garden Art and Collage for the weekend can be found on our Week 6 page. Enjoy!
*New Videos* - Mrs Blake's Troll Craft and Bog Baby Storytime, and Mrs Middleton Learns to Draw
New PowerPoint and colouring sheets for VE Day
Week 5 4.5.20
Dear All,

Please find attached the plan for next week. For the maths sessions, we have suggested activities based on measure.The key concepts of height and length can be quite tricky for children to understand, with many having the common misconception that if something or someone is smaller, they are younger. Henry exemplified this on our walk today when he saw two Jack Russell dogs and said "they are puppies because they are small!".

Attached is a powerpoint which may be helpful to help show how we can measure height using cubes. At this stage, we use non-standard units of measure rather than a ruler to check the height or length of things.

We will be uploading craft/drawing activities and stories in the week.

As always, if you need anything or are unsure of something, please get in touch.

Mrs Middleton, Mrs Blake and Mrs Thomas