Week 4 Extras

***We are now set up on Times Tables Rock Stars***
I have already emailed some of you your log-in details. If you send me a very quick email, I can reply back with your username and password. 
Monday 27th April

Hello everyone

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was very lemony - I made preserved lemons, lemon cake and lemon syrup.

I hope you are all getting on alright with your home learning. I really like the Classroom Secrets way of working. It's nice and clear what to do each day, and you get to know straight away how you are doing. But the choice is yours. BBC Bitesize have some great lessons too.

I had a great time going for a leaf finding walk and then making my picture and some of you did too. Olly really got very creative with his leaves, and made not just one but five different animals. And Liam got his sister Poppy involved in the task too, which was lovely. Have a look at the Leaf Animal Gallery in the Your Work! tab for the results.

Mrs Lewendon wants me to remind you that it's a new week of song on Out Of The Ark, so go to the music tab and get singing Year 3 (and get everyone in your house singing too!) www.outoftheark.co.uk

Chapter 3 of George's Marvellous Medicine is up. My recorder suddenly stopped recording, so it's in 2 parts!

My challenge for today is to see if you can practice some MEDITATION. Find a nice quiet spot and just sit quietly for 5 minutes and focus on your breathing. There's a little video below that you can watch first if you like, it goes over the square breathing technique, which is nice to do when you're meditating.

Bye for now

Miss T :-)
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Tuesday 28th April
Good Morning! I hope you've managed to find me over here in the new area. I hope it will be a lot easier to find things on, once we get used to it. 
If you don't find me, then I guess I'm sat here talking to myself :-( 
My challenge today (should you choose to accept it) is a wordy one. I want you to invent a PERFECTLY PONGY POTION! But there are rules, so have a look at the document below and see what you can come up with. 
As always, take a photo and I'll put it up in our new 'Your Work!' area.
Bye for now
Miss T :-) 
Wednesday 29th April
Hello Year 3!
Wow, what a rainy old morning so far. Which has given me an idea for my next challenge....
But first, thank you to Ellie and Jacob who've sent some great work in overnight. I've added Ellie's Grandma's Handbag (green snot lipstick - eeeuuuw Ellie!) to the gallery, along with her fabulous Revolting Rhyme. Jacob sent in a really fabulous cartoon strip adaption of the Mr Majeika chapter. Have a look and get inspired. 
Some of these tasks I know take a while to do, so don't worry about when you send them in, there are no deadlines, but it's always lovely to see and share your hard work.
I've added another 2 chapters of GMM, but again my recording rudely stopped halfway through, so it's in 2 parts. 
OK, so today's rain inspired challenge. Let's have a go at making a RAIN GAUGE. You'll need a plastic bottle, a ruler, scissors and some modelling clay (although I've even seen that part done with jelly if you don't have the modelling clay!!).
I'll let the BBC weatherman, Tomasz Schafernaker, explain the rest. 
Let's do it for 5 consecutive days and share our results. It doesn't matter which 5 days so you don't necessarily have to start today. Hopefully the weather is going to dry up, but at least if it doesn't we have something to do now!
Bye for now. 
Miss T :-)
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Thursday 30th April
Good Morning! 
Right, some NEW stuff on our pages. Mrs Lewendon has created a GROWING GREEN page. She's posted news and pictures about her fabulous growing project. Have a look on that page to see what she's been up to. 
We'll also post any pictures or updates about what you've been growing, so send it in. Ellie has already been getting green fingered. 
Today's challenge is... not for you!! It's for ME! I have registered with Time Table Rock Stars and I am going to sit and figure out how it all works so that I can tell you. You may have siblings already using it, so it will be our turn soon. 
I've also got an exciting writing project up my sleeve, which I'm also in the process of working on. So, sharpen those pencils and switch on the maths brains... I'll be back..
Miss T :-)