Week 3 Extras

Friday 24th April

Good Morning Year 3!

Thank you to Jacob and Olly for their great Revolting Rhymes! You can have a look at them in the 'Your Work!' page

Ok, the answers to Mrs Kranky's bus timetable problems are:

a) 12 minutes b) 7 minutes c) 9:27 d) Gusto Garage e) 60 minutes or 1 hour

Did you get them right? Have a HP ;-)

My challenge for today, is one you're going to need a couple of days for because you have to press some leaves overnight to make them nice and flat. It's a creative, outdoors - indoors arty challenge and I would LOVE to see the results. I'm going to have a go too, so let's see how we all do! It's called LEAF ANIMALS (see below for instructions). I'll admit this wasn't my idea, I have taken it straight from the Scouts website, which has loads of brilliant stuff to do. https://www.scouts.org.uk/activities/leaf-animals/

Have a lovely weekend everyone, enjoy the beautiful weather. I'll get another chapter or two of our story on so you can have a listen if you get time.

Take care

Miss T :-)
Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning!

We have a maths challenge for you today. George's mum, Mrs Kranky, has gone shopping and left George alone with his Grandma. She always takes the bus. Can you use your timetable reading skills to answer the questions in MRS KRANKY'S BUS?

Come back tomorrow for the answers!

Miss T :-)
Wednesday 22nd April

Hello Year 3

So, a new challenge for you today... it's a writing one called REVOLTING RHYMES. There isn't very much writing in the learning packs provided, so I will be dropping the extra one in here and there - got to keep those writing skills on the go.

Have a listen to the 2nd chapter of George's Marvellous Medicine. It ends with one of Roald Dahl's fabulous rhyming poems. I'd like you to have a go at finding some rhymes, and then if you're up to the challenge, write a poem in the style of Roald Dahl.

It's all explained in the document below this.

Thank you to Jacob Lawrence for sending in his fabulous Grandma's Handbag! Some really creative ideas there, and great drawings!! 

Bye for now Year 3. Please come back tomorrow.

Miss T :-)
Tuesday 21st April
Good morning everyone. Still no video I'm afraid, so you're going to have to practice your reading skills today! 
I hope you are getting on ok with the English and Maths tasks we have set. These should last you for a few weeks, so just do a little bit each day to exercise your brains. 
My extra challenge today is called GRANDMA'S HANDBAG. See the document below for all the instructions. 
Bye for now Year 3
Miss T :-)