Summer 2 Week 7

Happy Summer Holiday!
 All the staff at St. Catherine's would like to say goodbye and we will miss you.  You haven't had the send off we wish we could have given you but we are thinking of you and wish you all the best for starting your new school in September.
Summer Reading Challenge
*Dorset County Council is running it's own reading challenge.  Join the Summer Silly Squad  to read or listen to books or comics that make you happy!
*Get some good book recommendations from other children.  Go to Love Reading 4 Kids to read extracts and reviews of books you might like to try.
*Write your own book review for our own library at school.
Sing through the Summer
*Visit National Museums Scotland to music travelling without leaving home and listen to the sounds made by different instruments from different countries. You can even use the grid at the bottom of the screen make some world music of your own.
*Get inspired by the sound story called Rodeo by Aaron Copland which takes you to America.
*Try chair drumming.  A beat, in music called a pulse, is the foundation of all music making.  Using any chair you have at home and wooden or plastic spoons for sticks follow this tutorial on how to start chair drumming.  Then join in with an assembly where they are doing chair drumming. 
* Visit Dorset Music Service virtual mash up day. There will be a variety of musical workshops to take part in on Monday the 13th of July.