Summer 2 Week 3

Hello Year 1
This week we are thinking about recycling.  Do you know how to separate your rubbish at home?  Why do you think it is important to recycle?  Watch this video about recycling.
Look at the home learning whole school project, week 3, for extra activity ideas.  As always please let us know if we can help with anything.
Mrs Dickson and Mrs Lewendon x
Try sorting these rubbish cards into recycling piles or you could ask to help to sort some real recycling.

Try making a memory box.  If you have parcels delivered to you in a box, don’t throw the box away. Why not decorate it and make it into a memory box of this time. Use pens, paints or pictures from old magazines and leaflets to decorate outside and perhaps some old material for the inside. Then you can put all your memories, stories, pictures, favourite books, things you have made inside.