• Mrs Sarah Terrey

    Headteacher & SENDCo

    Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs L Blake

    Assistant Head Teacher.

    Deputy Lead for Safeguarding . Early Years' Teacher

  • Mrs K Middleton

    Year 2&3 Teacher

    Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. Early Years Teacher

  • Mrs R Treble

    Early Years Leader/ Early Reading Leader - EYFS Teacher

  • Mrs G Dickson

    Year 2&3 Teacher- Science & DT Lead

  • Miss P Cross

    Year 5 Teacher - Maths Lead

  • Mrs L Harris

    Teacher - Year 6 & Lead for: RE, History and Geography; PSHE and RSE

    Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs R Pattinson Smith

    Teaching Assistant -Yrs 3&4

  • Mrs C Nunn

    Teaching Assistant - Years 2&3

  • Mr L Toohill

    Teaching Assistant - Sports Coach

  • Miss E Tschuchno

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs L Butchart

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs L Pirus

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss E Fearn

    Admin Assistant

  • Mrs M Hosking

    Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs N Daubney

    Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Lorraine Burgess

    Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs M Coombs

    Lead Cleaner