Sporting Events

Our school competes in a number of sporting events throughout the school year, a short report of each of these events can be found below.
Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the usual school sporting events are currently postponed. Although we have been able to compete in some virtual events, you can find details of these below. 
School Year 2020/21
Virtual Cross-Country Race
At a time when we would normally be right in the middle of Cross-Country season, a virtual event was announced by Colfox School. The challenge was put to all pupils to run 1KM at home and submit their time. We had a brilliant 22 entrants who all ran fantastic times. Well done to: Annie, Logan, Zeph, Filip, Rohan, Imogen-Rose, Maddie, Olly, Louie, Riley-James, Alfie, Kai, Liam, Max, Theo, Edward, Josh, George and Billy. Special mention must go to Toby, Oscar V, Oscar S and Harry, they were our fastest 4 boys and all had a time within 3 seconds of each other! They took the first 4 places, Toby in 1st, Oscar V came 2nd with 3rd place shared by Oscar S and Harry!
Virtual Quad Kids Athletics
Oscar V, Lydia, Oscar S, Maddie, Daisy, Riley, Rohan and Angel took part in this Virtual Athletics Event. They competed in 4 events with their scores then sent off to be collated by the West Dorset School Sport Coordinator. These events were, the Standing Long Jump, Standing High Jump, 20M Sprint and Howler Throw. Oscar V earned a Bronze medal in the Standing High Jump whilst Angel won a Gold Medal in the same event for her age group. Daisy got the Bronze Medal in the 20m Sprint and Silver Medal in the Standing High Jump. Oscar S picked up 3 medals, Gold in both the 20m Sprint and Standing High Jump and Silver in the Standing Long Jump. Well done everyone!
School Year 2019/20
Year 3/4 Football Tournament
A squad of 10 players from St. Catherine's made the short journey to Bridport Primary School to take part in the first ever football tournament for Years 3 and 4. A heavy downpour forced a delayed start but when the matches got underway St. Catherine's wasted no time with Oscar E opening the scoring inside the first minute.  Further goals from Charlie W and Jayden led to a 3-0 victory over Salway Ash. In their next match they played Beaminster St. Mary's, more impressive football saw them score 7 goals and concede none in return, goals came from Riley-James, Oscar E, Oscar S and 2 each both both Charlie W and Jayden. In their third and final group game, St. Catherine's came up against St. Mary's Bridport where goals from Oscar E, Harry E, Riley-James, 2 from Charlie W and one right before the final whistle by Louie gave them another win. These 3 results saw the team through to the semi-finals and a tough match against the hosts, Bridport Primary. This was an even match, with both teams having chances until Joshua broke the deadlock towards the end of the first half. Despite this the game was still in the balance until joint-captain Oscar S snuck through the defence to poke home a cross. This set up a final with Charmouth. An early injury forced Joshua off but Poppy came on in defence and kept the attackers away from the goal. A great save from goalkeeper Edward kept St. Catherine's in the game before half time and a brilliant strike from top-scorer Charlie W sealed the win for St. Catherine's. Captains Oscar S and Harry E lifted a very impressive trophy!
Primary Cross-Country Relay Races
16 of St. Catherine's Cross-Country Team competed in the final event of the Cross-Country season at The Sir John Colfox Academy. 8 girls and 8 boys ran in 4 mixed teams of 4 where each of them would run 1 lap of the course before handing over to the next runner. The Year 3 and 4 A team of Oscar S, Daisy, Harry E and Tilly-Lu ran a brilliant race, they stuck with leaders Parrett and Axe throughout the first 3 legs before Tilly-Lu made her move in the final leg. She caught the leaders, passed them and then maintained the gap through to the finish to claim the win. The Year 3 and 4 B team with Riley-James, Imogen-Rose, Theo and Maddie put in a brilliant performance to finish 6th, thanks to a superb sprint finish from Maddie which saw her gain that 6th position.
In the Year 5 and 6 race the A team of Toby, Faith, Jack and Ruby R put in a solid performance and finished 6th. The B team of Charlie H, Ruby P, Kai and Eliza (running in her first race!) also performed brilliantly to come in 12th overall as the 4th placed B team.
Tag-Rugby Tournament
The St. Catherine's Rugby Team attended the local schools tournament hosted by Bridport Rugby Club on Saturday 7th March. In their first 3 games they won 1, drew 1 and lost 1 but won their next 4 games. However, they suffered a blow when players Kian and Rafferty were injured in the penultimate match and could not continue. The team pulley's together and won their final group game to progress into the final. They were set to play Symondsbury, the only team who had beat them on the day. The team traded tries with Symondsbury scoring first, but with the score at 2-2 St. Catherine's managed to force a mistake and capitalised to score and take the lead. Each team scored again to make it 4-3 before Symondsbury hit straight back to make it 4-4. St. Catherine's kept pushing and got their 5th try and then managed to seal the victory with a brilliant try from Poppy, the game finishing 6-4 to St. Catherine's who lifted the trophy for the 4th year in a row. Well done to Charlie, Will, Rafferty, Kian, Oscar, Betty, Eliza, Poppy, Faith, Kai, Jack and Alfie for a brilliant performance.
A special mention must go to Oscar S and Harry E from Year 4 who, despite not actually playing in the tournament, ended up muddier than all the players by the end of the morning!
Primary Cross-Country Race 2
24 runners from St. Catherine's took part in the 2nd Cross-country race of the year at Beaminster Secondary School, there were 4 races to run, Boys' and Girls' in both the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 age group. The heavy rain that lead up to the race day relented and the runner were greeted with sun although the condition underfoot were still rather wet! The Year 3/4 Girls' race was first. A strong performance from Tilly-Lu saw her lead from start to finish and secure her third victory of the season. Daisy (8th), Maddie (12th) and Imogen-Rose (15th) followed her home to give the A team a combined total of 36 points, enough to put give them 2nd place. There were also strong performances from Ellie (30th) and Jasmin (33rd) in their first race.
The Year 3/4 Boys raced next, this was a very closely contested race with Harry E holding off challenge from 2 Parrett and Axe runners to take 1st place. Oscar S (4th) and Riley-James (5th) along with Theo (8th) gave the A team a very competitive combined total of 18 points, a total that was matched by Parrett & Axe and the trophy was shared. There were also great performances in tough conditions from Louie (23rd), Olly (31st), Charlie W (33rd) and Liam (36th).
The Year 5/6 girls raced next in the muddy conditions. Ruby R (17th), Ruby P (28th) and Faith (34th) put in strong performances before the boys got their chance to race. Jack, like Tilly-Lu, lead from start to finish to complete his third victory from 3 races. Toby (5th), Charlie H (11th) and Will (17th) completed the A team with a combined total of 32, giving them the victory by 20 points over 2nd place. There were also strong performances from Kai (27th), Kieran (48th) and Billy (59th).
Please read the news report below written by one of our Year 6 Star Writers.

St Catherine’s Running Stars

On Tuesday 11th February, St Catherine’s cross-country team competed with local schools to become the best.

St Catherine’s runners have proved once again that they are talented athletes by winning stupendously at many of their races. Jack M, the reigning champion for three years in a row, came first again in all his races.  He is quoted in saying, ‘I am very proud that I won all my races and pleased that my team did well.’

The final event started at Beaminster Secondary school where it was incredibly muddy, and most runners unfortunately fell over due to the marshy grounds. Luckily (even though it was windy to start with) the sun began to shine towards the end of the race. Because of the mud, the whole team had their running shoes bound with duct-tape to avoid them falling off. Unfortunately for Kieran D, he only had one shoe taped on as the tape had run out. Consequently his shoe disappeared in the sludge but he retrieved it and bravely carried on. The race progressed into the forest and finally ended up back at the start.

The team had a marvellous time and achieved excellent results. They are already looking forward to competing in next year’s races.

By Betty W


Kenway Cup Football - Match 3

St. Catherine's played their third and final group stage game of this competition at home to St. Mary's. Needing to win by a 10 goal margin to progress to the next round, the hosts started well. The visitors conceded a free kick just inside their own half which St. Catherine's captain, Lucas, rifled into the top corner to give his team the lead. Further chance came and it was Lucas who scored again, with 2 more goals to give him his hat-rick. Some fine play on the wing from Ollie was rewarded with a goal before Charlie fired one in off the underside of the crossbar. The traffic was not all one way though, with St. Mary's putting themselves on the scoreboard before half time to put the score to 5-1. St. Catherine's kept pushing after the break, trying to get that 11th goal they now needed. Ollie got himself another goal and Kian then thumped home from the edge of the box to give himself a goal and seal the victory at 7-1. Although sadly they did not progress through to the next stage of the competition.

Please read the news report below written by Kian.

Fantastic Football

On Friday 7th February, St Catherine’s football team kicked off against local rivals, St Mary’s Primary School. This highly anticipated Kenway Cup match was played in front of a strong, vocal crowd.

Previously having lost 2-0 to Symondsbury and a 2-2 draw against Salway Ash, St Catherine’s were hoping for a win. Kian V kicked off and they were straight into the attack within 5 minutes. Further pressure lead to a free kick being awarded to St Catherine’s so Lucas V stepped up and furiously drove the ball into the St Mary’s net. Further good team work built continuous pressure on the crumbling St Mary’s defence leading to further goals. With Lucas bagging a hatrick, Oliver C netted two goals and Kian and Charlie H scored one each. St Mary’s didn’t go home empty handed having scored a consolation goal late into injury time.

Mr Toohill (St Catherine’s talented coach) explained, ‘The team worked very hard and are very unlucky not to have progressed’. Charlie added, ‘I think we all did well and were unlucky not to get the result we needed’.

Despite not progressing this year, St Catherine’s are determined to come back stronger next year to win the prestigious Kenway cup.

By Kian V

Cross-Country Primary Race 1

19 runners from St. Catherine's took part in this event hosted by The Sir John Colfox Academy on 15th January. Rain in the build up had given way to sunshine but had left its mark on the course with a muddy run awaiting the children. The Year 3/4 Girls ran first, a strong performance from Tilly-Lu clinched first place, Imogen-Rose (9th), Daisy (11th) and Maddie (12th) completed the A team to give them a total of 33 which was enough to give them the victory by 1 point!

The Year 3/4 Boys ran next, a very strong showing saw Harry and Oscar fighting it out for 1st place right down to the finish. Harry held out for first with Oscar taking 2nd. Theo (5th) and Louie (19th) completed the A team who just finished second with a score of 27. Olly also ran superbly and finished 21st.

When the Year 5/6 girls ran, Ruby R finished in 17th, Faith in 34th and Ruby P in 40th, a brilliant performance from all in very muddy conditions. The Year 5/6 boys ran next, despite others starting fast around him, Jack held his own pace and by the half way point had built up a lead. He held this through to the end to win the Colfox race for the second consecutive year. The A team was completed by Charlie (6th), Toby (9th) and Kai (12th). This meant the team won the trophy by 18 points. Oscar (14th), Will (29th) and Kieran (56th) put in brilliant performances considering the conditions.

Kenway Cup Football - Match 2

St. Catherine's travelled to Salway Ash for their second match looking to get their first win. It was a great start from both teams, with the goalkeepers at either end having to make saves. Salway Ash struck first however, with a goal in the second half. St. Catherine's pushed for an equaliser but it was the hosts to scored again to make it 2-0 with 5 minutes to play. Lucas won possession in midfield and drove towards goal, some good movement from Kian created space for Lucas to drive into and he hit the back of the net. 2 minutes later a first time pass from Charlie split the home teams defence and Kian was there to finish. St. Catherine's had brought the game level but unfortunately were not able to find a winner in the dying minutes.

Kenway Cup Football - Match 1

St. Catherine's first match of the Kenway Cup was against Symondsbury School. Both teams started well, St. Catherine's challenged the Symondsbury goalkeeper many times but could not find a way through. Symondsbury scored first and then doubled their lead in the second half with good goals we couldn't do much about. St. Catherine's kept trying but could not find a way through and the match finished 2-0.

Dance Festival

Our Year 3 attended the Dance Festival at Freshwater. This years theme was 'Celebration' and Mrs Dickson choreographed a routine to a song from the film 'Rio'. The children made fabulous wings to wear during the performance and a brilliant time was had by all. 

Colmers Hill Cross-Country Race

Symondsbury School hosted the Colmers Hill Cross-Country Race, a race that was almost cancelled due to rain the week before. 16 runners from St. Catherine's were briefed on the muddy conditions and running shoes were secured by duct tape before everyone ascended to the start point. Tilly-Lu won the girls race by quite some distance which is very impressive as she was racing against Years 5/6, Daisy (10th), Imogen-Rose (20th), Ruby R (27th), Ruby P (28th) and Faith (29th) also performed brilliant performances.

Jack won the boys' race, Toby came 2nd and Harry E 3rd and along with Oscar S in 5th secured the team trophy. Further good performances came from Charlie H (6th), William (11th), Theo (12th), Oscar V (15th), Kian (27th) and Kieran (38th). Both Oscar V and Will took a tumble and crossed the finish line coated from head to toe in mud!

Year 2 Multiskills

Our Year 2 class attended a multi skills afternoon at the Sir John Colfox Academy, planned and led by young leaders. They tried their hand at a wide range of skills and everyone had a brilliant time!

Primary Leadership Academy

8 of our Year 5 Children attended the Primary Leadership Academy in Weymouth to learn how to plan and lead activities for other children. They were put through their paces and now Faye, Oscar, Finn, George, Lydia, Poppy, Ruby and Billy and full qualified Bronze Sport Ambassadors. They look forward to helping us with our sport in the school.