Site News

It's been a busy term on the Forest School site! Recently, we had the old beech tree felled and now have a sturdy seating circle made of the old trunk. Maple class also chipped the pathways between the planting beds which looks fab! The crops and flowers have been flourishing and we'll have a good little harvest!
We now have a bird hide; complete with ID sheets and a large cargo net for camouflage! If you have any old binoculars that you'd like to donate- we'd LOVE to have them please- we have some very keen twitchers in the school!
We're still working to develop the forest school site and still need your help! If you have any spare pallets, planks, rope, buckets, gardening tools or anything else that you think could be useful then please do let us know! We're hoping to get a new shed too so that our equipment can be stored and water tight in the wetter months ahead.
In the coming months, we hope to develop the pond area too- fingers crossed! Our space is very well enjoyed by the children and they are so keen to use it in all aspects of their exploration- it's so lovely to see their enthusiasm!
I hope you have a lovely summer and continue to enjoy your open and wild spaces!
Mrs Stiles
Summer term has been a busy one and we've enjoyed loads of different activities and exploring during after school club! With digging, bug hunting, fire striking, suncatcher making, hapa zome, campfire cookery, tool work and site work; you could say we've done rather a lot!! Our group has been small but dedicated and every week has been very different!