School Council

Our School Council
Our School Councillors met on Wednesday the 11th of November to discuss Anti-bullying Week. We talked about this year's theme which is 'United.' We discussed  how St Catherine's could mark the event and decided to hold a poster competition for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. School Councillors will be given time in their classes to introduce the competition and feedback on today's meeting. We will meet again to judge the posters and decide upon a prize. More information soon!
Our School Councillors met again on Wednesday 9th December to judge the Anti-bullying Week poster competition. We chose our winners from both Key Stages and decided that the winners should receive a voucher for Waterstones. We have decided to announce the winners at the Christmas lunches next week.
We also spent time today talking about a National Advent Assembly that can be accessed through CAFOD. This is an assembly for children to watch in their classrooms in all parts of the country. We discussed how this would be a lovely event for St Catherine's to join, so that we can think about and be with others during Advent. Charlie also mentioned that it would be a brilliant way to be part of a whole school assembly, at a time when we can't all get together in the school hall. We talked about the changes that we have faced in our lives this year and how our Christmas celebrations will be different this year. We concluded that this assembly would be a very positive experience for us all.
Faye and Kai had their first go at taking minutes during this meeting. Please find the minutes attached below. Well done to you both for taking on this responsibility.
We will announce the winners of the poster competition very soon!
The winners have been announced!
Very well done to Roxi in Year 2 and Josh B in Year 5 for winning the Anti-bullying Week poster competition.
Please see the posters attached below.
School Council meeting on Google Meet
We will have our next meeting via Google Meet on Google Classroom on Thursday the 25th of February.
Please see the attached letter below for more information.
Summer term
A huge well done to our School Council members who confidently delivered a Curriculum Morning Presentation to our School Governors.
We recently held a whole school curriculum morning. During this time, teachers and children came together to talk about a range of subject areas. Children had the chance to discuss what they enjoy about their lessons, as well as what opportunities they would like to have in the future. It was a very successful and insightful morning.
After the event, School Council members worked hard on a presentation to deliver to our School Governors. This presentation provided information on our findings from the morning. It gave details on the steps we now need to take to provide a curriculum that is fulfilling and tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of our children.
On the day of the presentation, our School Council members were fantastic! They spoke with confidence and showed a clear understanding of the aims and successes of the morning. Well done to all involved. We are very proud of you!
September 2021
As the first few weeks of the new academic year begin, children at St Catherine's are busy writing their applications and nominations for this year's School Council Team. In order to be considered for the role, applicants are asked to consider why they want to be chosen, what skills they will bring to the role, as well as what they hope to achieve if elected. For those children not applying, they can have their say by filling out a nomination for someone in their class.
Applicants will have the opportunity to present their reasons for applying to their fellow class members before a whole class vote takes place. The two applicants with the most votes will be chosen to join the team. We look forward to finding out the results very soon. Watch this space for more information...
We are thrilled to announce our new School Council Members:
Oak Class:
Theo and Honora (Year One) - we have two pupils from Year One who will be mentoring Anuki and Lilly from Reception. Theo and Honora will show Anuki and Lilly what being a Council member means and how they can help to grow and shape our school.
Sycamore Class:
Ebby – Ebby explained that she is a good friend and works well with others. She says that she is a good communicator, which will help her in the role.
Arthur – Arthur wanted to be chosen as he is a fair and patient member of the class. He also works well with others.
Ash Class:
Ollie R – Ollie described himself as someone who is happy to listen to the views of his class and speak with adults.
Annie - Annie also feels confident when talking to adults and hopes to make positive changes.
Hazel Class:
Owain - Owain said he wanted to help people and is funny and felt he could make a difference.
Jacob L - Jacob explained that he wanted to help people and make a change.
Maple Class:
Oscar E- Oscar explained he would be helpful to others and a good friend. He would also be happy to make new friends as he is a kind person.
Olly D - Olly wanted to be chosen as he would like to help the school and thought it would be fun to be on the school council. He considers himself to be responsible and kind. He also is ready to give support to those that need more help.
Very well done to you all!