Physical Education

Physical Education at St Catherine's 
  • To develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • To be  physically active for sustained periods of time
  • To engage in competitive sports and activities
  • To lead healthy, active lives

We offer high quality physical opportunities for our children.  Our children are taught to observe the conventions of fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour as individual participants, team members and spectators.


Physical Education is provided through a broad and balanced curriculum of physical activities including gymnastics, dance, athletics, games, swimming and opportunities to explore other sports. We aim to provide two and half hours of curriculum PE a week.

The curriculum for PE is delivered throughout the whole school and repetition of sports is part of our coverage to allow children to refine and further their skills that they have already learnt previously. This allows the children to transfer skills learnt in one activity/sport and relate it to another, always building upon what they have learnt or skills acquired.

Teachers follow a mix of Real Pe and The PE Hub lessons. Using PE funding we have employed an external coach to teach tennis and our own Sports Leader to coach football to each year group - this allows the children to receive specialised teaching; as a result of this many children take up these two sports externally outside of school, which embeds our ‘lifelong participants’. 

We provide swimming for years  5 & 6. The children also learn about safety in the water. Children have opportunities to gain skills in Archery, Cycling, rock climbing, orienteering (including night orienteering)  and take part in outdoor and adventurous activities during residentials, which are organised and supervised by qualified members of site staff.

Children take part in games (football, tag rugby, netball, cricket, rounders, tennis, dodgeball, handball), gymnastics, dance, drama, cross country, swimming and athletic activities using indoor and outdoor environments where appropriate.

Children can take part in after school clubs and have the opportunity to compete against other schools. We have festivals each term so the children can compete in their houses. 

A selected group of children are chosen to be Bronze Ambassadors where they have opportunities to lead sports activities and be playground leaders. We also take part in Marathon Kids so they children can work towards running a marathon. We have guest sports people into school to share their experiences and inspire and motivate pupils.

The impact of the PE curriculum is that the children will meet their age-appropriate skills in Physical Education and be able to transfer these skills into other sports and everyday activities. It is hoped that physical education will light a love of sport and physical activity, so that our children will engage in extra-curricular sporting opportunities provided by the school and local clubs and agencies. Through our Physical Education curriculum, we believe we can equip children with skills in team building, promote physical and mental health and boost confidence and resilience.