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What are we learning this Term?
This term our topic is  Healthy Heroes and Heroines a geography based topic.
Here is a little bit more about what we will be exploring:
Geography - we will be exploring our local area of Bridport and thinking about what make Bridport so special to us and why it is visited by many people. We will be thinking about where we live, our town, our country and what makes our home great.
History - we will be exploring the Gunpowder Plot and discussing whether Guy Fawkes was a hero or a villain. We will be thinking about Parliament along with our British Values and thinking about who makes important decisions.
Art - looking at the inspirational work of Jackson Pollock the children will be exploring colour mixing, textures and effects that can be made with paint. Using the work of this wonderful artist the children will create their own work in a similar style.
DT - making puppets linked to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Thinking about how to attach materials together to form the desired effect. This project links with our English work focused on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.
IT - thinking about staying safe on the internet. Logging on to a computer and navigating around a computer using a mouse and keyboard.
Trips and Memorable experiences - a trip to Bridport market. After hours cinema experience. Visit to the local woods. Trip to the church.
Below are our Knowledge Organisers containing the knowledge the children will be building upon for the duration of this topic.
Autumn Term Knowledge Organisers