We want to children to really enjoy their music learning at St Catherine’s! 
In Key stage 1 a wide range of graduated listening and participation activities are provided.

Pupils chiefly develop their musical learning through song.
These are related to their topics, the seasons and PHSE matters and cover a range of emotions. Responding to the songs in their performance style or through discussion is encouraged.

Physical activity to accompany songs including dancing encourages an awareness of pulse.
Various instruments are introduced and in particular percussion instruments are investigated and opportunities to play with increasing control given.
Creative opportunities are varied. Pupils extend verses of a song, completely change the words, and make their own musical stories and sound pictures.
Listening to and discussing recorded music and each others’ creations gives reflective opportunities.

In Key Stage 2 pupils continue the above approach identified in Key Stage 1 ialongside with the following elements.

In Year 3 deeper investigation into pulse and rhythm are central.
Pulse patterns are composed and then rhythms added.
The recording of duration, moving from own codes to standard notation.
Further investigation into the percussion family of instruments with identification of the four instrument families.
Layering in pairs and small groups encourages confident independent playing.
Listening to marching and dance music reinforces awareness of pulse as do conducting activities.

In Year 4 activities concentrate on increasing awareness and control of pitch
The recording of pitch moving from pupils own interpretation through to standard notation
Introducing melody instruments and listening to recordings of them.
Playing tunes on the glockenspiel and performing on own or in various groups with layering of different tunes.
Listening to preludes and other classical music
Composing own melodies and then recording them via musical notation and iPads.

We have a music specialist who teaches across the school..