Forest School

Hello! And welcome to our brand new Forest School section! My name is Mrs Stiles, from Primary Forest School and Outdoor Education. I have the pleasure of leading sessions at St Catherine's, every Friday afternoon!
So far, Sycamore class have had a half term of sessions and I'm currently working with Birch Class.
We have a fabulous site for our sessions and I've been guided by the children's interests as to how I develop the site to suit them. 
Currently, we have discovered that digging has been a hit! If you have any old pots and pans, metal mixing bowls, cake tins....lying around at home- we'd love to take them on for our mud kitchen site!
We'd also like to develop a permanent seating area on the site and are looking for tree trunk seats- wide enough for a primary aged bottom to sit on! If you or anyone you know works in landscaping, gardening or tree surgery- we would love to hear from you!
Likewise, donations of unwanted pallets and large cable reels are gratefully accepted- these are so versatile for use outside and the children will find any number of ways to use them in their exploration.
Please contact the school office directly if you are able to help in any of these areas!