Site News

We have been very busy at Forest School.  There has been bug hunting, shelter building, planting fruit trees and fun with mud, with some great mud faces on trees around the site.  We also took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch 2022.  The whole session was centred around birds we played a migration game, made bird feeders, nests and had binoculars to watch the birds.  The children spotted robins, blackbirds and woodpigeons.  If anyone has any spare binoculars they are no longer using, we would love them for our site.   

In November and December last year we had two big storms, Storm Arwen and Storm Barra, which took their toll on the willow tree in the middle of the site.   I had to cut down some big branches as they were no longer safe.  The great thing about this is that we now have lots of willow to use for our sessions.  We have already used some to make nests and crowns.   We also used bow saws to chop thicker branches and made necklaces which were decorated with pictures of what the children aspire to be.   

Unfortunately our last session before half term didn’t happen due to Storm Eunice and the extra ordinary high winds.  Half term came a day early with schools having to close. 

We are so lucky at St Catherine’s to have such a wonderful site for forest school.  We are hoping to develop it further.  The pond area is currently not in use and we are hoping to use some of this area to make a wildlife zone, planting wild flowers adding bug hotels and bird feeders.   

I am very much looking forward to more fun at forest school with Spring in the air. This is my favourite time of year with longer days, beautiful daffodils and birds singing. 

Mrs White 

Primary Forest School. 

We are so excited to start our Eco After School Club from Friday 11th March 2022.
We will let you know what we get up to (and how muddy we are!!!!) late in the month.