Day 5

Happy Easter everyone.  I hope the Easter Bunny has visited you.  He is a key worker the Prime Minister of New Zealand cleared that up for everyone in case you were concerned.  We have had our delivery of eggs even 1 for my 21 year old son who assures me that there is a law that says he gets an egg no matter how old he gets.... note to self to check these laws..
I hope you are all well and getting through each day, its hard, hard for everyone to find fun things to do.  I can remember being at work, being busy and dreaming about how wonderful it would be to be at home and not have to go anywhere.  Well I've changed my mind.  I miss being able to do the things I like to do- like meeting my friends, going for a walk and lunch, playing games in a park, being at school.  The only thing that makes it a little better is that everyone, everywhere feels the same.  I saw something that said you are not locked in, you are safe at home with all the people you love and that is true.  So I may be grumpy about it but I know it will be ok in the end if we all follow the rules and look after each other- and as long as no one eats all my chocolate!!