Day 3

Dear All- I know it is not Day 3 of Lockdown but there seems to be so much to do!
I hope you are all able to have a rest.  I know I feel more tired than I think I normally am, that might be because I feel a bit worried about things, I feel better when I chat to someone about my worries so make sure you do that too. 
 I hope you are all not working too hard on school things, remember the school work we are setting is revision and things to practice.  I would much rather learn about all the other things you are doing with your families.  I have been in my allotment planting raspberries, strawberries and other goodies.  Are any of you green fingered- good at growing things?  Let me know what you are planting and growing if you are.  I have been building dry stone walls to try and stop my pesky dogs from digging up all the things I plant!!  What have you been up to? 
If you are interested in cooking  there is a Bake Off Challenge for children which may be interesting for the budding chefs among you... I will add more information to the website later about this it will have a link to Magically Crafted Cakes who are organizing this over a few weeks.  I love to bake and my plan is coffee and walnut cake later... what's your favorite cake?? Drop me an email or a recipe.. 
As for other challenges the "Keepy Up challenge" is not going well- I have hurt my leg.... alright I hurt it running but now I can't keep up with anyone! Especially not Eliza who has a challenge of doing 100 Keepy ups a day- that's amazing...Keep going Eliza well done from me!
So everyone enjoy Easter- make sure you do absolutely no school work please!! Have fun with your families, I am planning a Monopoly games session with my family and cards.  What are your family board games that you enjoy?  Drop me an email .. Take care, Take care of each other and stay safe.