Day 2

Day 2
Hello St Catherine's!! I hope you have been enjoying this wonderful weather.  I know I have.  I have been using my exercise time to wander all over Portland which is where I live.  The peace as I walk about is lovely.  
In my house everyone is already feeling a little bit bonkers! We made a climbing frame in the backgarden just because we all got a bit bored ( I am definately not always working from home but....shhh! don't tell anyone!!)
  Who would of thought havng lots of time at home and NOT having to go to school would turn out to be so tricky?  Everyone will find it tricky at some point, you might be a bit worried, maybe your tummy feels funny or you're a bit grumpy?  Thats all fine- look at the "Small Paul" story on the website.  Everything will return to normal eventually and as long as we all talk to the people who love us about our worries we can enjoy this time togther.  Remember being happy and having fun doing things togther is far more important than anything else at this time.
Thank you to Toby and Daisy for their reading ideas- I had a root around and guess what! I found an Alex Rider book, so to anyone looking for an exciting read try Alex Rider stories, Toby and I think they are good.  Daisy suggested Harry Potter- a classic, good taste Daisy!  Remember keep emailing suggestions for reading.
I am off to dig in the allotment at the bottom of my garden later.  I have potatoes, raspberries, strawberries and onions to plant as well as things to cut and weed.  I'm hoping that everyone in the house will help as well...... but for some reason when I mention weeding they all decide to do some home learning!!  Are you planting anything in your garden? They are off to build a den- thats home learning,  although I'm not sure that building a den counts as home learning, what do you think?  Are you great den builders? If you are make sure you take a photo to keep and show me.
I wonder if you are having a keepy up challenge?- I'm still losing- apparently 1 does not count as a score!  Drop me an email to let me know what your score is I need someone to beat the people in my house!!  In fact you can email me on my school email and tell about your day anytime you like.  What about a joke of the day?  I'll see if I can find one for tomorrow unless anyone has a good joke for me.... we all need a laugh sometimes...and especially at the moment.  Take care of each other.