Collective Worship and Liturgies

Class Worship
At St. Catherine's we follow the Liturgical Calendar for our weekly liturgies.
We use the Collective Worship Programme from Ten:Ten for our prayers and reflections throughout the week.
This starts with an assembly led by the Headteacher at the beginning of the week and there are related prayers that give the children the opportunity to grow closer to God that follow for the rest of the week. 

Liturgy and Celebration

Below is a list of our liturgies and celebrations.

This is not exclusive and other events may be added or amended due to holiday dates.

Nativity dates to be decided.


Please check this link for the full Liturgical Calendar

Green dates = Ordinary Time, Purple dates = Advent & Lent

Please see the termly liturgy listings for: important dates, Masses and dates that Fr Keith visits each class to pray with them.

Class Liturgies
Each term, Father Keith visits each class to lead prayer. 
Autumn Term 2022:
Oak: 20th September
Sycamore: 4th October
Ash: 18th October
Hazel: 8th November
Maple: 22nd November
Whole School Masses & Liturgies
Masses are held at Church and in the school each term.
This year we have had whole school liturgies for:
  • The Stations of the Cross during Lent.
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Marion Procession
  • Ascension Day Mass
The Leavers Mass and Commissioning of the new GIFT Chaplaincy Team will be held at Church on Thursday 21st July.
Whole School Worship
All classes meet daily together to pray and worship God. Sometimes we also join in with liturgies across the whole Diocese with other schools via zoom.  We follow the Ten:Ten programme for our liturgies and prayers.
Please refer to the detailed liturgies for each term below otherwise they are as follows:
  • Monday - Gospel reading and interpretation
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: themes are chosen by individual teachers eg:
    • British Values, Harvest, Growth Mindset
  • Friday - Celebration Assembly & Prayer