Note Dorset will be consulting on admission arrangements for 2019/2020

Details of the consultation can be viewed at Dorset for You Admissions Policies
The Catholic Primary School of St Catherine’s welcomes applications from parents of children of all denominations and faiths and those of no particular faith background. The school currently consists of 16% Catholic children.
St Catherine’s is a voluntary aided school which means that the governing body is the admissions authority and is responsible for decisions on the admissions policy and applications. It works within the co-ordinated admissions scheme of the local authority, Dorset County Council.

All parents who wish to express a preference for a place at St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School must apply on the Local Authority Common Application Form, available online at Dorset for You School Admissions. Applications for a place in the Reception intake must be made by the Local Authority closing date; 15th January 2017. If you are applying for a denominational place under any of the criteria 2 to 4 below you are requested to complete and submit a Supplementary Information Form along with the required evidence, to the school by the closing date. This enables the governing body to ensure that places are offered strictly in accordance with the admission criteria. Supplementary Forms are available directly from the school office and on the school website.
The admission number for St Catherine’s School is 30.

Where this school is named in a child’s Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), the governing body recognises a duty to admit the child to the school.

Should there be more applications than the number of places available at the school; places will be allocated according to the following criteria, in order of priority:

1. A child in public care/looked-after child including those who were looked-after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order)

2. Baptised Catholic Children or children enrolled on the baptismal programme. (Evidence:baptismal certificate or the signature of a Catholic Priest on the Supplementary Form confirming the child is baptised or enrolled on the programme.)

3. Children who have a sibling attending the school at the time of application, or a sibling who previously attended the school (Evidence of older sibling on Supplementary Form -see footnote *)

4. Children who are members of other recognised Christian Church or faith tradition. (Evidence: baptismal certificate or the signature of the priest/minister confirming membership)

5. Children whose parents express a preference for the school. (Submission of an application form that includes St Catherine’s among its preferences.)

If too few places are available to satisfy preferences expressed within any of the priority order categories above, places will be allocated on the basis of the child’s closeness to St Catherine’s (defined by straight line measurement using the current DCC system).


Clarification on Siblings

The term sibling means full, half, step, adopted or non-blood related brother or sister living with single, married or co-habiting parent(s)/carer(s) at the same home address.

Waiting Lists

A waiting list will be held in line with the current Dorset County policy for first admission. The school will also maintain a waiting list for other year groups but should places become available they will be allocated they will be in accordance with the Admissions Policy.

Equal Applications

In the event that the Governing Body is unable to distinguish between applications despite applying the priority categories above, lots will be drawn by an independent person nominated by the LA to determine the final place(s).


Should more than one parent have parental responsibility, only one application will be considered. Unless a court order rules otherwise, the application must be made by the parent who has day to day care of the child for the majority of the school days/weeks. Where this is unclear, disputed, or care is split equally and there is no agreement between the parents, the application considered will be that made by the parent at the address identified on the child’s registered General Practitioner (GP) record.

Appeals Procedure

If the Governing Body is unable to allocate a school place parents have the right to appeal to an independent panel against the decision. Details of the appeals procedure are sent out with notification letters.

Multiple births

Where applications are received from families with multiple siblings (twins, triplets, etc.) every effort will be made to allocate places here, including offering place(s) above the Planned Admission Number wherever possible. This recognises the exceptional nature of the emotional bond between multiple birth siblings. Multiple birth siblings admitted where one would be the 30th child in a Key Stage 1 class will be considered to be exceptions to the Key Stage 1 legislation.

Deferred Entry

Most children start school full time in the September, as it is beneficial for all pupils to undergo the planned induction process and establish friendships within the group. Some schools may offer a phased integration. Parents should contact schools directly if they wish to discuss the other options:
Where an offer of a place is made to a child below compulsory school age, parents have the right to defer their child’s entry to school until later in the school year. The place is held for that child and is not available to be offered to another child. Entry may not be deferred beyond the beginning of the term after the child’s fifth birthday, or beyond the academic year for which admission is sought.