5: Week Commencing 4th May 2020

Maths - I See Reasoning
Please read the introduction first.
Please see previous weeks for Number and Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Fractions.
This week there are three separate topics:
a) Addition & Subtraction
b) Doubling & Halving
c) Measurement Money
For each topic, you can choose your own level to challenge yourself; bronze, silver or gold which is the most challenging.
Please try and use your Maths notebook to write the answers in, if you say which challenge you are answering and the page number then there is not a need to print the sheets if you prefer not to.
Science - How does the environment help animals to survive?
Look through the slides to explore how the environment is a factor of survival for animals, including humans.
Next choose one of the sheets to complete. You can use the word bank on the first sheet to give you ideas for the second sheet too.
You can write your answers in your work book if you prefer.
English - Bounce
This week I would like you to write your own version of a traditional tale that involves a ball.
The story I would like you to base your own on is 'The Frog Prince'. (link provided)
After reading and watching the story you need to make a note of the sequence of events and how many characters there are.
Please read the guidelines below for how to go about writing your story and the questions to consider.
I'm sure you will be very proud of your writing, so please email me your stories and I can put a copy of them on the website under our gallery page.  I look forward to reading them.
1. VE Day reading comprehension. Choose either 1* 2** or 3*** text and questions.
The answers are there for you to check your work afterwards too.
VE Day
Here are several different types of resources and a powerpoint to help you learn about why VE Day is celebrated.