3: Week Commencing 20th April 2020

Maths - I See Reasoning
Please read the introduction first.
We started with a revision of Number and Place Value. Next... Addition.
You can choose your own level to challenge yourself; bronze, silver or gold which is the most challenging.
Please try and use your Maths notebook to write the answers in, if you say which challenge you are answering and the page number then there is not a need to print the sheets if you prefer not to.
How humans grow as they get older.

Look at the pictures of a baby, a child and an adult on the slides.

Which of these people is youngest? Which of these people is oldest? How do you know? 

From the time you are born, you grow until you become an adult. Which parts of your body do you think grow as you get older?

Look at the slides about the stages of human development.

Your body grows in proportion. This means that as your feet get bigger, your legs get longer, your arms get longer and your hands get bigger. Did you know that your foot is the same size as your forearm? Take off your shoes and check!

English - Bounce  
Week commencing 20 April: Write a recount of physical activities you have been doing.
Either ask an adult to take a photo of you or draw a picture of yourself doing different physical things.
For example: playing with a ball - kicking, throwing, catching, juggling, bouncing, rolling
Maybe you could be bouncing or jumping yourself in different ways?
Perhaps you might make up some games to play with your family.
Next, write a description of each activity below your photos/pictures.
Lastly, write a recount of what you did during the week. Remember to start your sentences in different way. Use the sentence openers in the word bank section to help you and the recount prompt card below please.