This year, our topic is Journeys: Civilisation, Empire and Invasion

In our Arts Week:

This term in History we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians, particularly looking at Tutankhamun. In Art and Design we are looking at Ancient Egyptian Art. 

In our Stem Week:

In Design Technology we are looking at food and designing a recipe . In Science we are looking at keeping healthy, our digestive system and skeletons and muscles. In Music we are going to learn the ukulele with a specialist teacher.In computing we are learning about online safety, e-mails and understanding what happens inside a computer.

Every Week:

In English we are looking at narratives, poetry and non-chronological reports. In Maths we are understanding number system for numbers up to 1,000 in year 3 and 10,000 in year 4.We are having football for PE also with a specialist coach. In PSHE we will be continuing with our Growth Mindset lessons and Relationships and Sex Education. In RE we are learning about how Christians live as people chosen by God, the story of Baptism, Advent and the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. 

Knowledge Organisers

Each area of learning has a knowledge organiser to support learning.  This is a guide to key concepts your child will be learning in this subject.  They use them every day in class in their "Book of Knowledge" which will travel with them through school.  In class we use them for quizzes, supporting writing and helping us review previous learning.