Headteacher: Mrs Frances Guppy - Assessment, DSP Safeguarding, Pastoral

Assistant Headteachers: Mrs Lydia Blake - Deputy DSP Safeguarding & Medical 

                                    Mrs Helen Ciorra - Inclusion Manager, SENco

Senior Leadership Team: Mrs Lydia Blake, Mrs Helen Ciorra 



Reception: Mrs P Morgan and Mrs L Blake

Year 1: Mrs S Stazicker - Humanities (History and Geography)

Year 2: Mrs C Best - PSE, School Council

Year 3: Miss A Thomas - ICT; Mrs J Wright - RE, Parish Liaison, First Holy Communion

Year 4: Mrs J Foster - Literacy, PTFA

Year 5: Mrs J Franklin, PE

Year 6: Mrs A Haylock - Maths, Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessments


SENCO: Mrs H Ciorra - Lead and Coordinator for SENDS TAs

PPA cover: KS1 - Mrs K Smith - Art and Technology;

Music Coordinator: Mrs K Lewendon


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs R Thomas - Reception, ELSA

Miss House - Year 1

Mrs M Tyrrell - Year 1

Mrs C Maddock - Year 2

Mrs G Toohill - Year 3 

Mr L Toohill - Year 4, Sports Coach

Mrs M Freidman - Year 4, Specialist Support, ELSA

Mrs L Gall - Year 4

Miss Tschuchno - Year 5

Mrs G Stork - Year 6 - Lead TA


School Secretary: Mrs M Crabb

Finance Officer: Mrs B Stunt

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs M Hosking (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor)

Mrs L Butler

Mrs N Williams

Mrs L Butchart

Mrs L Fisher

Mrs Winters-O'brien

Mrs Pirus

Mrs L Burgess

Cleaner in charge: Mrs M Coombs

Janitor/Cleaner: Mr K Gould

Cleaners: Mr R Hawgood, Ms T Richardson